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Election Integrity Update

In 2022 we covered all 100 counties, hired 25,000 Poll Workers, 700+ Attorneys across the State, and held over 650 training sessions. We are now working to recruit Poll Workers and Observers! If you or someone you know is interested SIGN UP HERE for Tues. March 5, 2024 Primary.  Feel free to forward this newsletter to any of your Republican friends, family and neighbors to help us ensure election integrity. If you were forwarded this newsletter yourself, please stay up to date here for future Election Integrity updates!


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Poll Observer Trainings 

The Poll Observer Training provides a comprehensive overview of the state’s election process and the criteria for you to receive an official credential. You will learn how to observe and report potential issues that may arise during the voting process. 


Any attorneys interested in volunteering, please contact Kyle Offerman at [email protected]

National RNC Election Integrity Updates   

On the legal front, the RNC is engaged in 72 lawsuits across 20 states this cycle, and we wanted to share a few highlights from our recent work below.

  • September 20 – New York: The RNC led a broad coalition of Republicans -- including the NRCC, NYGOP, and Congresswoman Elise Stefanik -- to sue the state of New York and Governor Kathy Hochul for trying to destroy mail voting safeguards. We were able to file a lawsuit less than an hour after Hochul signed the bad legislation into law.
  • Read more from The New York Post.
  • September 26 – Pennsylvania: The RNC and Pennsylvania GOP sent letters demanding immediate response on how Pennsylvania Governor Shapiro would keep noncitizens off the voter rolls after his vague scheme to push for automatic voter registration in the Keystone State.
  • Read more from The Delaware Valley Journal.
  • September 28 - Nevada: The RNC stepped in to defend poll watchers. We gave public comments and oral testimony to push back on Nevada Democrats trying to shut out observers from ballot tabulation centers.
  • Read more from The Nevada Globe.
  • October 20 - Minnesota: The RNC filed a 14th amendment amicus brief in Minnesota to stop Democrats from kicking Donald Trump off of the Presidential ballot. 
  • Read more from CBS News.
  • October 24 - Montana: The RNC and MTGOP filed a motion to intervene in a Montana lawsuit to prevent dark-money Democrat groups, led by Marc Elias, from making it easier for Montanans to vote more than once. 
  • Read more from The Helena Independent Record.
  • October 26 – North Carolina: The RNC and NCGOP filed a motion to intervene in a North Carolina lawsuit to protect Senate Bill 747 from Democrat attacks. 
  • Read more from Fox News.
  • November 2 - Wisconsin: RNC provided oral testimony to Wisconsin Election Commission arguing against proposed restrictions on election observer access and in favor of proposals strengthening election observer protections.
  • November 5 – New Hampshire: A New Hampshire court sides with the NHGOP, supported by the RNC and RITE PAC, in rejecting a Marc Elias attack on New Hampshire’s enhanced voter ID protections.
  • Read more from the New Hampshire Union Leader.
  • November 13 - California: The RNC submitted public comments to the California Secretary of State to ensure robust protections for poll watchers.
  • November 14 – North Carolina: The RNC and NCGOP submitted a public comment to the North Carolina Board of Elections to ensure that electronic poll books get adequate testing before elections.
  • November 16 - Arizona: The RNC and AZGOP conduct an election integrity investigation into a new party’s ballot petition in Arizona and threaten Secretary of State Adrian Fontes with legal action if his office certifies the “Patriot Party’s'' inadequate petition to get on the 2024 ballot. As a result, Fontes’s office changes its procedures to promote more transparency moving forward.
  • Read more from Fox News and AZCentral.
  • November 27 - Georgia: The RNC sends a public records request to Dekalb County, Georgia, to find and prevent up to $2 million worth of “Zuckbucks” from being used in Georgia elections.
  • November 29 - Wisconsin: The RNC financially and strategically supported a lawsuit against the Wisconsin Elections Commission to stop voters from spoiling and re-casting their absentee ballots.
  • December 4 - Nevada: The RNC sends a demand letter to Nevada Secretary of State Cisco Aguilar threatening legal action over his failure to keep Nevada voter rolls accurate and up to date.
  • Read more from The Las Vegas Review Journal.
  • December 6 - Michigan: The RNC files a 14th Amendment Amicus Brief in the Michigan Court of Appeals to prevent activists from kicking Donald Trump off the presidential ballot.
  • Read more from CBS Detroit.
  • December 8 - Michigan: The RNC sends a demand letter to Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson threatening legal action over her failure to keep Michigan voter rolls accurate and up to date.
  • Read more from Detroit Free Press.   
  • December 12 - Texas: RNC filed a new brief in an ongoing court battle to defend Texas’s Senate Bill 1 from DOJ attacks. We are fighting to protect voter-identification safeguards on mail ballots in Texas.
  • December 13 - Pennsylvania: An RNC-backed lawsuit against a Pennsylvania Democrat scheme to maintain Democrat-only control of Delaware County’s Election Board wins in court.
  • December 13 - Pennsylvania: The RNC secures a key stay from Pennsylvania’s 3rd Circuit Court to continue fighting against Pennsylvania officials trying to count undated ballots.
  • December 14 - California: RNC submitted another round of public comments fighting for changes to California’s proposed election observer regulations that would increase clarity and strengthen protections for observers.
  • December 14 - EAC: Submitted public comments to the U.S. Election Assistance Commission on the Voluntary Electronic Poll Book Requirements Version 1.0, calling for the EAC to raise the proposed requirements on e-poll book manufacturers to ensure their security.


To everyone that has helped the EI Team set up in person training sessions already for the year and all the sign ups for the zoom sessions. 


This Week in History Fact 

  • January 10, 1776 - Thomas Paine publishes Common Sense, the pamphlet that argued for freedom from British rule that helped spark the American Revolutionary War.
  • January 9, 1861 - The first shots fired to start the War between the States 
  • January 11, 1935 - Amelia Earhart flies solo from Hawaii to the U.S. mainland, the first person to achieve this feat. Her journey took her from Honolulu to Oakland, California.

Quote of the Week: “Let us raise a standard to which the wise and honest can repair; the rest is in the hands of God.”

George Washington

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