Voter Integrity

Currently there is a growing concern by citizens in Rockingham County to clean up the voter rolls. To see if you can help in this monumental task, call Dewey DeFalco 336-791-3704 or email him at [email protected]

If you would like to be a poll observer, you can sign up here.  If you would like to find out more about being a poll observer, email or call Dewey (above).

Election integrity specialists recommend the following whenever possible:

Election Integrity Plan:

  1.  Vote on Election Day only (which should be observed as a national holiday).
  2.  Vote with ID.
  3.  Vote on hand countable ballots.
The following suggestions will end election fraud.  If we can do the first one and just a few of the others, it will be a good start:
  • Clean out the voter rolls, the foundation of all election fraud!
  • Ban all electronic elections equipment, including electronic poll books
  • Voter ID with paper ballots only
  • Ban mail-in voting (Exceptions: overseas military and the legitimately disabled with notarized absentee ballot)
  • Reduce or eliminate early voting (Exceptions: doctors, pilots, etc. who cannot have the day off)
  • Drastically smaller precincts
  • Ban ballot harvesting
  • Make Election Day a national holiday
  • All mail-in ballots must arrive by 5:00 PM day before election day
  • Heavy prison sentences for all who commit election fraud
Click here to watch on this issue starting at the 3:00 minute mark:

If you would like to check on the voter registration of your neighbors (or anyone else), go to  Don't worry, it is legal, it is based on public information. Though it will not tell who they voted for, you can see the method (like early voting, absentee, etc.) used to vote. If that is incorrect, your neighbor needs to contact the Board of Elections.

Below you will find an update from NCGOP's Legal Team. The North Carolina Republican Party continues to make election integrity a priority. Please do not hesitate to contact the NCGOP for further messaging. 

NCGOP Files Brief Seeking to Restore Statewide Poll Observers

This week the N.C. Republican Party, by and through counsel (Philip Thomas - NCGOP Chief Counsel and Kevin Cline - Kevin Cline Law, PLLC), filed an amicus motion and brief with the North Carolina Court of Appeals. Read the full motion and brief here

In late 2021, a Democrat-majority 3-judge superior court panel struck down Senate Bill 824, which included provisions implementing voter ID as well as the addition of 100 statewide poll observers to be appointed by each State Party Chairman. The Democrat groups who filed the suit had not asked the court to strike down the statewide observers, but the liberal-activist judges did that which they always do—they substituted their will for that of our duly-elected legislature. 

The case is currently on appeal to the N.C. Court of Appeals. While the General Assembly is laser-focused on election integrity and is providing a full-throated defense against Democrats’ frivolous claims regarding voter ID, the issue of statewide poll observers had not come to the forefront until these partisan judges inserted themselves into the matter.

The NCGOP successfully appointed and deployed 100 statewide poll observers in the 2020 Election. Those observers played a critical role in ensuring the fairness and integrity of our elections in this state. 

Even though Republicans were successful in North Carolina’s 2020 elections, (Republicans won 16 of 20 statewide elections), we know there is more to be done to restore voter confidence. That’s why the NCGOP fought (and won) when the State Board of Elections tried to cut our ability to appoint observersformed an Election Integrity Committee, and has been providing ballot protection workshops and related trainings.

“What we need in our elections is more transparency–not less,” said NCGOP Chairman Michael Whatley. “Having people in the room is the number one deterrent for voter fraud. This judicial attempt to shut out our observers is truly troubling and that’s why I asked our attorneys to get involved.” 

Thank you,

--NCGOP Communications Team


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