Voter Scam Alert

From the desk of Diane Parnell:

DO NOT FALL FOR THIS ONE! I am seeing posts and comments that folks are already receiving unsolicited Absentee by Mail ballot request forms in the mail for the November General election. This is entirely legal, but here's the catch - there is a link given on the enclosed literature that says if you want to "unsubscribe" from their list, just enter your email address, name, etc... on that linked web page That's the scam! They do not have your email address, at least not from any NC Voter data publicly available. This is how they are getting you to give it to them! With it, they can link to your social media accounts and a host of other nefarious things. The only thing you should do is report these IF your form already has any of your personal data pre-filled in any of the blocks. You should report and turn it over to the Investigations Division of the State Board of Elections and to your County Director of Elections.

Other News Items:

  • The Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association has teamed with True the Vote organization.
  • Nine states have banned drop boxes or restricted their distribution since the 2020 vote, according to a recent report by the Voting Rights Lab, which monitors state election policies.
  • Other states have enacted more stringent voter-registration requirements. In Florida and Georgia, lawmakers expanded the powers of law enforcement to police election-law violations.